Rabu, 6 Januari 2016

Expect the Unexpected #1


Hey guys, anak apak, cucu atok! How are you? Weird right, why am I writing in English. You will understand after you read the whole writing/not-proper-article.

Here we go.

Some people said, "Life is gambling". Maybe right though some may say it is false. Yeah. I choose to be between both. We can plan something, but in the end (not LP song), Allah will's that will decide   whether our plan happen or not. This is based on one ayah in Surah Ali-'Imran, verse 54:

We can plan we want to do such thing tomorrow but we can never expect it to really happen tomorrow. Tomorrow is still a mystery.

Thus, this is my story.

Last Monday, after I applied my Master's degree in UCSI and half-way application to USIM, I checked my e-mail and suddenly Gmail notified a new e-mail sent from Front Desk Subang Jaya and I knew what it is for. Of course, no other than IELTS. The e-mail titled (see the third row):

But hey, there is something wrong! I opened up my email and see:

Oh man, this is bad. I applied for 23rd January seating but got 7th and 9th of January seating. And, the worst thing is I have left my IELTS's exercise book for about 2 months. Down. I tried to contact the person-in-charge to query on my registration test date because I really wrote on the application form that I want to take the exam on 23rd January. I did it consciously with consensus of my colleagues since we registered together and they not yet been notify by Front Desk Subang; which means they are on the right track. She answer my e-mail by suggesting me to fill up a form to postpone my exam date but sadly, they didn't approve my application. She said you need to get MC if you really want to postpone. By principal, I will not lie others and our religion strongly oppose this act as this is one of the sign of hypocrite.  So, just face it.

Dear friends of mine,

Please pray for me to be fluent in my speaking test tomorrow, no mental block, can easily think in English and may Allah ease me. And, do pray I can get more than band 6.5.

And of course, may Allah ease you too, in whatever you do. Yes, you! Have you found the significance? :D
"Nampak ketarakah dilema di wajahku?
Di luarnya tenang tapi Tuhan saja tahu
Ini semua dugaan-Nya" 
Life is full of uncertainties.

Thank you

P/s: Last two weeks I asked my boss kindness to pray for my IELTS and other future thingy since she went to Makkah to present paper and perform Umrah :)
May Allah bless you, my boss.

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