Jumaat, 8 Januari 2016

Impact of Technology - IoT


Industrial people may expect something big from the title because the current debacle among capitalist (please don't read in a skeptical way). I do really mean capitalist as a people who have capital or money. Internet of Things (IoT that I really mean; not Impact of Technology) is something that have been started discussed by many of them even in Islamic bankings and other fields. Therefore, most probably, everything will be very intertwine with Internet and technology. Though the debate is very interesting and informative, I do not intend to discuss this topic deeply.

I just want to say that technological impact brought me to this:


I'm really running out of time to study all the components. Thus, these videos are very helpful. Thank you for all video providers.

May Allah ease. Again, please do pray for me.

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  1. I came across an Article "Impact of IoT on Various Sectors" which is very useful to know the industries where IoT has impacted.