Isnin, 28 Mac 2016

March 28, 2016


Surely, it will become a tough day for me, especially. A day that will mould my future. I hope I can be a part of a team that intend of being 'subversive'. Being a game-changer, making a leap from being complacent with our status quo towards betterment. 

Our training ground have ended last year and this is the battlefield; the real ground. No joke, it ain't even a year since our training term ended. Yet, I hope our training term suffice to make us strong in facing challenges ahead. 

Sometimes we have our preference on what we like or craving to do. Most probably, in a serious like no-smile-allowed organization (Haha!), you will have inclination and tendency on doing a small and workable job rather than dizzy and dealing with peoples' complexities. But last night, during our 'najwa' (Haha!), an ustaz said to me to think of the reward that Allah have promised and prepared for us. Challenges will always there. We can choose to do a small thing that can be done by others without training; surely not your level. This is the time you want to challenge up yourself with a new work.

All in all, this is the 'amal' part. I really appreciate this 5 years of learning, 3 years in a tough yet valuable tenures. I hate to think a lot, dealing with conundrum and debacle but I like the execution part. It will snatch most of my time, less blogging, less reading. May Allah grant me quality time, barakah insyaallah.This is the time and Allah knows best.

"Nahnu qawmun amaliyyun"
-Hasan al-Banna


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