Isnin, 28 Mac 2016

Random #1


Really a random post. No theme, no such thing as protocol and not properly written.


Ya, I have been thinking for about two weeks. Thinking of thrashing this blog or keep it dormant for a while. Somehow, I recently felt that this blog failed to bring up the pre-intention of this blog's existency. At some time, I felt these things are hypocrisy and I'm afraid of my 'amal are not pure enough; free from riya' and other madzmumah things.  

My heart have been segregated into two camps. A camp with positive mindset with the resolution on keeping this blog alive and keep inspiring people doing good things while another camp keep on whispering my heart on publishing our good deeds will destroy our rewards and pure intention.

But people, 

It's about balancing your act and intention. Somehow, if we define sincerity with the second camp's definition, I do think that we will have no chance to inspire people to do good things and we may misinterpret our ahkam sources which are Quran and Sunnah. Rasulullah also was a moving Qur'an (Kana Khuluquhu Qur'an) which means he act according to Qur'an. The way Addas embraced Islam was when he heard Rasulullah articulated Basmalah loud enough for him to heard. Then he asked about Yusuf bin Matta' and you can read this story in a toughest day of Prophet in Thaif episode. If sincerity is all about doing things without other's conciousness, then how people will be touched and affected?

Keep inspiring others!


Went back home and found that Old Town have released their new 3-in-1. Therefore, I have legally smuggled (requested permission from ummi) them and bring to office today. Thank you ummi!


Drafted two serious writings but do not have time to find their sources. So keep them there until my spirit make a comeback! ;D


This page's level of humor is really A+.

Regarding the impermissible Kursus Marxisme

Ramadan is coming! Brace yourself

Keep reading and spreading positive vibes.
Random enough?


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